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About Us

Platforms for Consolidation
We proactively identify fragmented industries in which consolidation would provide significant benefits to customers, and thus to investors. We then partner with leading companies in the industry to build world-class enterprises that provide excellent products and services to customers and enhanced value to shareholders.

Management Buyouts
We support management buyouts of companies, and divisions or subsidiaries of larger entities, so that managers with significant equity participation can implement independent growth strategies.

Generational Change of Ownership
Family businesses often need external investment capital to support the transition of the business from one generation to the next. We work with families and their businesses to provide the needed capital injection to retain active involvement of succeeding generations and to safeguard the family business traditions and legacy.

We provide the owners of businesses with liquidity while allowing them to retain significant ownership and operational control.

Under-managed companies
We provide operational management, strategic guidance, and financial support to unlock value and realize earnings potential.