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About Us

Denargo Capital LLC was formed in 2003 by Paul Lyons, Pal Berg and Tom Heule to continue their successful track record of making sound investments and working hard to grow the value of businesses.  They each have over 20 years of experience in charting strategy, assisting business owners with the challenges of corporate finance.  Paul, Tom and Pal have more than ten years together as a team.

Denargo makes direct, control investments primarily in later-stage companies with operating profits with a emphasis on niche manufacturing, value added distribution and service businesses.  We act as a catalyst to increase value and liquidity. We invest in management buyouts, re-capitalizations, industry consolidations and growth situations. We search for hard-to-find investment opportunities that possess a strong platform to build future value. Denargo and its partners invest in businesses where we can substantially increase shareholder value.

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